Frequently Asked Questions

What is EinTollesFest?

EinTollesFest is an event platform where organizers enter their search queries, which could be interesting for you as a musician / company / service provider in the event area. You can see our platform as an extension of your marketing: We have the customers and you have the opportunity to reach them and make them to your customers.

Why should I use EINSTOLLESFEST?

Use our free service and save yourself the long and tedious search. We will find the suitable event service providers for you and you will soon receive non-binding offers directly from event service providers who are interested in your event. Compared to other agencies, you will find all the important services you need for your event: music, artists, photographers, catering, venues, various wedding services ...

Which event service providers can I find at EINTOLLESFEST?

Just tell us your wishes and event details and you will get non-binding offers directly from event service providers. We have: musicians, bands, DJ's, solo entertainers, singers and choirs, artists, wizards, dancers and dance groups, comedians, photographers & filmmakers, catering and party services, venues and wedding services such as wedding dresses, In addition, we will try to expand our range of services through new services.

What happens after my request?

Do not worry: you will be informed by us about every step of the further procedure! After your request has been checked by us, we will forward it to event service providers that correspond exactly to your wishes and expectations. After just a few hours, the first event service providers could contact you by phone or e-mail, depending on the type of contact you requested during your inquiry. Our tip: wait a few days to get some offers.

I found the right event service provider. What now?

You've got some offers and you have chosen the best - Congratulations! We are pleased that we were able to provide you with our free service, the appropriate event service provider. You can now discuss all further details of your event directly with your chosen service provider.

We would be glad if we can help you again in the future. You can log in to your account at any time and start a new search request. Are you satisfied with our service? We from EinTollesFest would be happy about a further recommendation.

How to Leave a Review?

You can Leave a Review only when you booked a service from our website. Than you will be send an email asking to leave a review. Also this can be done when you login to your personal space.


The review is voluntary - you do not have to write a review. We would be happy, of course, if you would advise your provider about the activity, so that future organizers can better inform themselves about this provider.

Leaving Review Guidelines

If you are booked via EinTollesFest in legal language "contracts for" is established. So there is never any question of an employment relationship (employer / employee relationship) if you booked through EinTollesFest. The so-called artists' regulation does not apply, so you are not covered by social security workers. You will receive via EinTollesFest artist as a gross fee and the obligation to give up your earnings is to the IRS for you. If you are an entrepreneur for VAT and pays tax on what you earn, you need to take VAT into the "price of your action." This works exactly like Airbnb for example, where you can earn by renting out your house.