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What is EinTollesFest?

EinTollesFest is an event platform where organizers enter their search queries, which might be of interest to you. With us, you can find new orders and new customers.

How does EinTollesFest work?

It's simple: organizers looking for musicians, bands, photographers and other event service providers send us their search queries. After reviewing the search queries, you will be able to find search requests from organizers that match your profile. If you are interested in the event, please contact the organizer (prices between 3 and 7 € incl. VAT) and contact him immediately.

Which event service providers can register with EinTollesFest?

The following event service providers can register: musicians, bands, DJ's, solo entertainers, singers and choirs, artists, wizards, dancers and dance groups, comedians, photographers & filmmakers, catering and party services, venues and wedding services such as suppliers of bridal wear, Rings, wedding trips, etc. In addition, we will try to expand our offer in the future with new services.

Why should I register as an event service provider for EinTollesFest??

To be successful today, you need to use all the channels to gain customer loyalty - so our platform is the optimal extension for your marketing: We have the customers and you have the opportunity to reach these customers for a small fee before you make a lot of money into others Advertisement investierst. With us there are no registration fees and we also do not charge commissions as usual with other agencies. In our opinion this is honest and fair.

How can I be sure that these are real requests?

EinTollesFest guarantees you top quality for the data of the inquiries and the organizer! The quality control contains the following 4 verifications: e-mail address (verified by confirmation mail), handy number (checked for authenticity by means of SMS code), address (both private address and, if already available, the address of the venue using Google maps Authenticity). In addition, this data will be checked again by us and in case of uncertainties the organizer will be contacted.

How much does it cost me to become a member of EinTollesFest?

Registration is free. If you are interested in an event offer, you can buy the contact details of the organizer and contact the organizer immediately. The prices for the contact details are between 3 and 7 € (including 20% VAT) depending on the budget of the organizer.

What happens after registration?

After successfully registering and checking your data and details, you will be able to enjoy the free membership of EinTollesFest. Now you can see the available offers that apply to your service.

Why the customers are not responding to my phone calls and emails?

Although we are verifying the party organizer identity, their email and phone number, Eintollesfest cannot be held responsible for the actions of any party organizer. We cannot force the customers to answer their phones or to reply to your emails.

Our goal is to find the customers that are looking for your services, match them with what you offer through our matching algorithm and send you those high quality leads, which you can buy and try to win by giving the party organizer a good offer.

I just bought an offer. When I called the organizer they told me, they already found a company?

After we publish the party organizer request, the request is being send to all companies that match this request, like (price, type of services, region)

The companies are buying those offers, and then they start contacting the party organizers.

Every offer is valid for several days during which the organizer collects offers. This might happen quickly and before the organizer make their offer stopped, it is possible that some companies will buy this offer.

Eintollesfest has advised the organizers clearly that as soon as they accept an offer, they need to stop their offer immediately.

Once the offer has been stopped, we remove that offer from the website and it cannot be purchased anymore.

Buying offers and calling potential customers on the phone has advantages and disadvantages. The customer may accept your offer or may decline it because either they don’t’ like it or they already found a company

Because those decisions are entirely in the hands of the organizer, you cannot keep Eintollesfest liable that you took the risk and for the actions of that organizer. When you registered here, you have accepted our Terms and Conditions, which describe how our website works.

We accept and do make exceptions, when we are guilty for not taking the offer on time when the organizer expressed that via email or phone call. Then this offer will not be charged and you don’t have to pay

What are the costs?

Since the registration and the membership are free, you only pay for purchases made from organizer contact data.

When is settled?

Billing is done monthly and in retrospect. For less activity, billing is per quarter. You will therefore receive an invoice for the purchases made during the previous month or the previous quarter.

How is settled?

With us, you pay in retrospect - after your purchases. You will receive a printable invoice in your user profile and you can pay your open amount using several online payment methods.